A Hensel Phelps Company

Rethinking Innovation

Invested in the future of building innovation, Diverge is bringing together research, development and corporate venture capital for the built environment. Through collaboration, we can change the construction industry as we know it.

Our Mission

Be the catalyst that empowers our people to innovate the AEC industry and build the future.

A strategic approach for investing, sourcing, evaluating, and deploying new innovations.

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Innovating Construction Services

As a Hensel Phelps company, construction is our business. Diverge engages with innovative, construction-specific solutions. These solutions allow Diverge to support the AEC industry in delivering projects faster, more cost-effectively and with a greater level of quality. 

With world-class thought leadership and extensive experience in construction services, we partner with Hensel Phelps, owners, innovative companies, trade and industry partners, industry organizations and academia to build landmark properties – and lasting relationships.

The Process


Diverge will harness the innovative energy from our people and network to develop new tools and tech that forge the future of the construction industry.


By partnering with technology providers, we can help define the solutions in solving day-to-day needs. Having transparency internally from project to project, sharing best practices, lessons learned and having clear communications on how we absorb innovations will be critical in ensuring the success of Hensel Phelps and our strategy in continuing to be the best builders in the industry.


To identify the best technologies and innovations for our people, Diverge will coordinate with our builders and projects to maximize our efforts and create criteria for success. 


Diverge will implement successful solutions and standardize new technologies and practices company-wide. 


Hensel Phelps executes an investment with the solution or technology provider.



Real-world feedback from our subject matter experts and end users adds incredible value to our solution partners. Creating pilots in our vast diversity of project types allows us to define true pain points and realize increased benefits from solutions.  With collaboration, we gain an integrated solution and, in many instances, an accelerated path to development that benefits the overall Built Environment. 

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Making Headlines

Together, we can change the Built Environment.